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This location is full of of nurse and reef sharks as they feed here every evening. Although some may say these are the nice types of sharks, I strongly advise not swimming with them during their feeding time here.

If you want to swim with sharks however, scroll down and check out Compass Cay!

There is also an incredible beach here with gorgeous lush greenery on one side and on the other a paved path all the way to a breathtaking swing in paradise!

I have never seen anything like this swing – no one was here the whole time and with exotic islands like this that’s what you will find for the most part! There were also multiple restaurants here and a nice place to shower off if you are out of fresh water on your boat.


Take a hike to this stunning view and enjoy these dreamy hot springs – there multiple levels depending how much you want to hike!

The hike is not too bad but in the winter can be obviously pretty dang cold so make sure to bring lots of warm clothes for when you get out of the springs.

There are also many different routes so pay attention to the signs and they will lead you to the correct spot. Take it from me, we ended up going 7 extra miles in the snow uphill…not fun ;).

Once you get there you can stay at the bottom level or continue hiking less than a mile up for more springs.


Camp out here at Electric Beach and in the morning swim with flocks of dolphins (the dolphins are drawn here because it is next to the Hawaiian Electric Plant, which outflows clean warm water through two large cooling pipes).

When I say flocks, I mean flocks – there were swarms of dolphins by us we couldn’t get enough!

There are tours that offer to take you out to see these dolphins, but I would honestly stay away from those as you can see them just as much yourself and not have to pay a dime!

This is one secret spot a lot of people don’t know about yet so people think they need to book a tour to do it, but all you need to do is camp or make sure you are there by around 7am and you are sure to see some dolphin pods!


This place is full of nurse sharks and even a few sting rays too! When you arrive they will be feeding the sharks so they will stay nearby.

These sharks are all nurse sharks unlike the last location, so they aren’t known to bite. That being said, sharks can also be unpredictable sometimes so this is one for more of my risk takers!   

Swim with these inquisitive creatures and feed them some fish while snagging your best Instagram photo yet! They also have a gift shop here and a small deli!


If you’re a diver/snorkeler this is the place to be! Explore this island and the large dreamy kelp that will make you feel like an actual mermaid!

We had a dive instructor go with us because we had just became certified and still didn’t feel comfortable without one so it was nice to have multiple companies out there we could chose to dive and rent from.

Its also a really fun island with lots of shopping and fun beach clubs. The water was a little colder when we went so we wore wetsuits but the dive was one to remember for sure! Lots of wildlife and lots and lots of beautiful large kelp you could swim through!


This is a massive sandbar that contains the most beautiful shells and is filled with incredible colors.

Walking on this sandbar you see nothing but ocean in the distance at every corner of you.

You will also find creatures almost everywhere you look! I found a starfish, then took a few more steps and found a big crab. It was almost like my own treasure chest at every directions I turned.


Enjoy a hot bath with an amazing view with these multiple bath like natural hot springs! No hike to the springs – drive right up to location! 

There is a little office you have to pay a small fee at and then you are free to go to any of the hot springs.

It was crazy to think these baths of hot water were all natural and new water was constantly trickling in as you are inside.


Home to the famous swimming pigs, these pigs will do anything for food so be prepared to have some when you arrive! 

These big guys can even be more vicious than sharks in my opinion. As long as you don’t chaser fight them and keep a fair amount of distance, you will be good though!

They happened to be here because of a hurricane that brought them and have been living here eve since. They also are not the cleanest pigs, so make sure you’re not planning to go anywhere nice afterwards!


Looking for a view of the North Shore? Enjoy this beautiful hike that brings you to overlook the island!

Hike is moderate and takes about 60-90 minutes. Honestly every second of this hike is filled with lush plants and scenery but of course, that’s almost any hike in Hawaii for you!

There are multiple pillboxes to explore and its even fun to go inside, it almost feels like your in a big cave that has graffiti everywhere.

Some people like to take paint up and paint inside or even use glow sticks at night to splatter paint everywhere. As you can also see from the picture below, the views are incredible from this hike.


Meet Bahamian Rock Iguanas – this is one of the few places where you can still find these fearsome looking, yet gentle creatures!

Come with grapes and they will be your best friend! Make sure you use skewers though because these guys are not afraid to bite your hand off to get those grapes!

I have never seen so many in my life at a time, the whole beach is filled with these guys. Make sure to come in the daylight though, we tried coming at night and they were all gone.

They must find a different sleeping spot but come during daylight and the beach will be packed!  


This is a natural whirlpool where you feel like you’re floating in champagne! Climb on the massive rocks when you first arrive and you’ll get a view like no other!

People have also set up a collection of stones stacks and it can be fun to make your own to add!

You then can walk down the rocks to find a natural whirlpool where water blows out from the ocean and creates an enormous amount of bath like bubbles you can relax in with the stunning rocky and ocean views in all directions.

It’s also fun to swim around the parts of the water that are calmer to find sea urchins and hidden gems!


Walk, ride and/or camp on this massive land of salt flats!

Its almost like you feel like you’re in a dream walking on these flats, I personally didn’t know places like this even existed!

We ended up just driving our car on the flat and camping here for the night it was so nice!

Fun fact – it was used it making one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and is a huge spot for engagements and professional photography.

The drive ups breathtaking and the flats with the mountains in the background give you a view like no other!


Take a four wheeler or dirt bike out here and you’re in for a good time! These sand dunes are massive and make for an incredible sunset view at the top!

 The land here stretches out forever, you can get lost where you are sometimes its so big. So make sure you know where you are before sunset and don’t make my mistake of getting lost in the dark in these dunes!

Also make sure you bring sunglasses and a bandana to cover your mouth if you take a four wheeler or dirt bike out here because that sand will be all in your face while your cruising!


Not only is this a notoriously famous beach, it has the perfect tree to snag those insta ready photos – and not to mention the best sunset you’ll ever see!  

The waves there are pretty big, especially in the winter so if you are not for big waves this probably isn’t the best swimming beach.

Some people surf here but you see more advanced surfers. Right across the street there is the most amazing acia bowl cafe “Banzai Bowls” so you can get a bowl and watch the incredible sunset.