Travel Smart Tips

Looking to travel but it’s just not in the budget?

Here are some helpful tips for saving so you can hit up that next getaway!

1. Opt for off season!

Find out when the destination your traveling to is in low demand and you’ll see prices for everything drop dramatically!

2. Open a bank account solely for traveling

That gives your unlimited ATM withdrawals & won’t charge you any transaction fees. This will also help you budget & not spend more than you can afford! 

3. Stay in a hostel 

I know this isn’t the most luxurious experience but if you’re anything like me, you’re going to be out exploring most the day and it won’t matter too much where you’re sleeping! On some occasions certain Airbnb’s can be cheaper than hostels, especially in Europe – so be sure to do your comps before!

4. Use points and miles 

If you do want to stay in a hotel or resort, try and build up credit card points – chain hotels like Hilton & Marriott have a reward system that are great to use for free overnight stays! You can also build airline points by flying on the same airlines to help build up points faster & fly for free!!

5. Book excursions ahead of time 

A lot of places will give you better deals if you buy in advance rather than day of when demand is much higher!

6. Walk places instead of getting an Uber if it’s not too far 

This will not only save money but give you a chance to explore the city you’re in more! Another option is to take public transit if your destination is farther!

7. Buy groceries 

It’s always fun to eat out at new places but to help cut the cost down it’s helpful to make your own food for some of the meals!

8. Ask the locals

A lot of touristy places will try to take as much money as they can from you, try asking some locals about the best places to explore and you’ll most likely find lots will be free!

9. Be flexible with flights 

Usually the cheapest flights will be ones with long layovers and not the best seats, however not being picky and “toughing it out” for the flight will save a lot in the end!

10. Pack light 

This saves a ton on baggage fees & is a lot easier to carry around without risking lost luggage!