Hitch Hiking Guide

A few years ago I used to hitch hike like it was my job back when I lived in Hawaii. I didn’t have a car and looking back it was a pretty good system I had. I was always with at least one of my guy friends when I went to be extra safe – I didn’t feel comfortable as a 19 year old girl going alone and honestly still probably wouldn’t now.

That being said, I feel like everyone should hitchhike once in their life🤙🏼I’ve met so many incredible people that to this day I still keep in touch with.

It’s important however to obviously do it the safe & right way. Below are some hitch hiking tips for y’all that I’ve always used! 

  • Ask people at gas stations – instead of just inviting a random stranger to take you & pray they are normal, gas stations give you at least the ability to see the person beforehand to give you a better screening 

  • Avoid talking about religion, politics or race- these can cause aggravation in some people and could potentially be a safety issue since you don’t know these people. if at all possible try to steer the conversation away from those subjects if brought up.

  • Offer to pay for gas – some countries it’s the norm that hitchhikers pay so better to play it safe and do a good deed (also make sure to always have extra cash just in case)

  • Avoid sleeping in the car – this is not only for safety purposes but so you can also make sure you don’t miss your stop 

  • Don’t hitch hike at night – kinda obvious but lots of the creeps come out at night haha as well as drunk drivers. It’s also dangerous as cars can’t see you as well on the side of the road. 

  • Know basic self defense – if you don’t know self defense, carry something (even pepper spray or a small knife) just for extra protection 

  • Know when it’s illegal- In some areas/certain types of roads, hitchhiking is illegal so make sure to research beforehand or ask locals before you end up talking to the police 

  • Trust your instincts when to say no – if the car or driver looks sketchy, it probably is & best to wait for another ride – also be sure to share your location with someone! 

  • Pack essentials – pack a small backpack with food, water, a jacket, cash, and a fully charged phone/car charger (also helpful to bring portable chargers) 

  • Stick with a buddy – this is for everyone but especially women, sticking with a buddy is way more safe than flying solo. If possible try not to have more than 3 people as it becomes tricky to find rides. 

  • Pick out a spot where cars are going slow – this gives time for cars to actually see you & pick you up. Also make sure there’s an area to pull over by you. This gives the driver an easy way to pick you up without risking an accident