How to Travel For Free

Travel without the cost? Sign me up! Here are some ideas on how travel for free! 

1. Volunteer work in exchange for accommodation 

Websites like Work Away list hosts in all different countries around the world that let you stay with them in exchange for a few hours of volunteer work a week!

2. House Sitting

House sit someone’s house, pets & garden and stay for free by visiting websites like Mind my House!

3. Earn points 

Credit card rewards programs offer benefits for everything from free dining to hotels to international flights!

4. Teach English 

There are so many places around the world in need of English teachers that will pay you to travel! All you need is a TEFL certification online & you can teach anywhere!

5. WWOOF Organization 

The WWOOF Organization provides travelers the option to work on a farm for part of their stay in exchange for free meals and accommodation!