Ehukai Pillbox Hike

Looking for a view of the North Shore? Enjoy this beautiful hike that brings you to overlook the island! Right across the street from Sunset Beach, this hike is moderate and takes about 60-90 minutes.

There are multiple pillboxes to explore and its even fun to go inside, it almost feels like your in a big cave that has graffiti everywhere. Some people even like to take paint up and paint inside or even use glow sticks at night to splatter paint everywhere. This is a great hike to hit if you’re in the North Shore area.

Located behind the Sunset Elementary School, this Oahu hike will take you about 30 minutes to climb up to the top.  The distance to reach the top of the ridge is short, but can be a little strenuous and challenging to get up to for some.

It starts off flat through some narrow trees that you will weave through for about 100 yards.  Shortly after that the trail progressively climbing up a steep hill. Like most mountain side hiking trails, you will find yourself climbing over small boulders, ducking underneath fallen trees, walking across soil eroded tree roots, and will eventually find some man made stairs dug in the hill to make your climb a little easier.

You might feel like you’ve made it midway up, as you will come across a plateau resting area with a picnic bench waiting for you.The views are nice from this spot, but gets better as you climb higher to the pillboxes. Reach this ridge and you’re close!

The first Pillbox is only minutes away once you reach the top flat ridge. As exciting as it is to reach the 1st bunker, the real views await you at the 2nd pillbox.

The Trail seems to disappear for a second as you travel on past the large bolder rocks, and start hiking down through the tall grass. You will come across a private property, no trespassing, and guard dog on duty signs, and given you push forward like we did, the trail comes back into sight, and you should reach the 2nd Ehukai Pillbox within 5 minutes.

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