How to have motivation in an uncertain world

Getting out of bed in this uncertain world. Waking up in an uncertain word – without losing motivation. Alright, lets be honest, the world we live in right now isn’t exactly ideal. Its tough, I’m not gonna sugar coat what we have going on right now. But these outside circumstances don’t have to let us lose sight of our goals and motivation. It can be so easy to work from home in our pjs all day, turn on the tv watch a few favorite shows, door dash some dinner then go to bed and wake up and do it all over again. You know how I know? Because I lived it. And I finally got sick and tired of it and decided just because the world wasn’t right, didn’t mean I had to slump to that lazy level myself.

So how do we get out of this pj party habit every day and feel like we are doing more with our lives? Lets start with some goals. As cliche as that may sound, goals are crucial in giving us a sense of accomplishment and overall purpose in life. Comfort may be nice for awhile, but it gets boring fast not to be motivated by something new. These goals could be as big as becoming the next CEO at work or meal prepping something healthy every night. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter how small or big – that’s up to you – its just important you have some. 

Going back to the whole negative world thing, I know its sometimes hard for people to even find this motivation, so where do we find it? One thing for me lately has been surrounding myself with the type of people who are striving for similar things. Who you surround yourself with really is huge. Another motivation for me has weirdly been watching million dollar house videos on youtube because I want those houses one day. I want the flat screen tv that comes out of the ceiling. I want the beach right outside my door. But I know very well that’s not gonna happen the way I keep ordering my door dash like the way i eat m&ms out of a bag. This simple act of reminding myself every day what I want motivates me to do more with my day and gives me hope to one day well , heck be a millionaire myself. 

You may be thinking, “I can’t even think of goals” or “my goals can’t happen with this global pandemic because I want to be a famous singer and can’t exactly perform right now” – that’s fair, and also not an excuse. Focus on the aspects of your goals you can do. For example, I want to get really good at surfing, but I can’t travel as often as I would like to the ocean so instead I watch a ton of surfing videos to learn as much as possible and do cross training workouts so I’m in my best shape when I do get back out to surf. Is it ideal? Not at all…but it at least helps me feel like I’m doing something to help address to this goal. Aside from doing what you can, try to think of new goals. If you can’t think of any, try to include helping someone else in these goals. The satisfaction you receive from helping someone is priceless and what better way to feel more motivated than when you know you’re helping make someones day or possibly even change someones life. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all this goal talk, start small and focus on what makes YOU happy. I know its been said before but don’t make it about the money or the publicity, think about this: what is something you enjoy doing to the point that all your cares go away and you’re in pure bliss? Try to find something that makes you feel this way and try to do it every day. For me, its surfing but I can’t do that every day so I’ve had to figure out a different plan. So my “practical” happy place is making others happy and striving for the best health possible. Whenever I help better myself and others I feel like I’m crushing life. What makes you crush life? If you’re still struggling with your motivation after reading this or just can’t seem to figure out a goal that you feel you will find happiness in, talk to me! Seriously, my DMs and email is available anytime and I would love to help you! Stay strong, I am so impressed with so many of you and your positive attitudes. I know we will not only get through this, but come out of it crushing some major achievements on the way! Stay safe and remember to take care of YOU. 🙂 

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