How to Say No to Self Doubt

You know that tiny voice? The one that’s inside of all of us. It comes out at different times for some and different degrees of intensity. However from time to time or constantly, we all suffer from this voice of self-doubt telling us reasons why we can’t do the things we internally want to. Many of us to make up excuses to help validate this voice on why this dream of ours is not a good idea. Some might say “I just don’t have the financial means to start a business, so it’s not practical.” Or others could say “my crush is absolutely gorgeous, way out of my league, and already has tons of boys/girls so I am sure so there’s no point in even trying.”

How sad is it that we let a tiny little voice of fear dictate our choices? What many people don’t understand though is that the voice of fear is so much deeper than the surface level of fear you may be experiencing. That level of fear drives all the way back from what you were taught in the experiences you saw as a young child. Did you ever have times in your life where you felt you weren’t enough? Were you bullied in school? Did your grades not measure up? Were your parents always busy and you had to do anything you can’t code to get their attention?

I know for me it was a specific word I was called – weird. People would call me weird all throughout my years of schooling and it really offended me for some reason. It started out in kindergarten when I met a group of girls I wanted to play with at recess but I wasn’t allowed to. Why? Because the girls decided I was weird. Why? Oh because I had curly hair of course and they all had straight hair and that wasn’t normal so that was weird to them. And that’s where all began. I told myself “they are right, of course that makes sense I mean I have curly hair and most of the girls at school have straight hair so that must mean there is something wrong with me.” How sad is that! I literally thought I had something wrong with me as a kindergartner because I was born with curly hair.

This fear of the word weird went on and I’m sure I was called weird just as many times as another person was but because it was such a trigger word for me, I remembered and held on to every single incident of anyone calling me weird after that day. This trigger word lead me to believe that there was something actually wrong with me and that I didn’t have the same chance of success as all the other people did because, well, I wasn’t normal and that was bad. 

And then I woke up. Finally. I was able to see the truth for what it was. I realized without even noticing it that I was having doubts about a lot of things because at the end of the day, I didn’t want to be called weird from the dreams I had or think I was too weird to even do them in the first place. Day by day I started to change my subconscious mind from feeling not enough to telling myself truth statements about myself. I would say statements like “the truth is no one is normal. The truth is I am a beautiful daughter of God. The truth is I love myself. The truth is I can do big things.”

These truth affirmations are so powerful and I really encourage you to use them and make your own anytime you see yourself going into your subconscious mind of fear. I challenge you to dig deep and find out what your source of doubt and fear stems from. Think about the first time you were offended as a child. Think about the times you didn’t feel enough as a child and how that affected you for years after. Then take all that garbage that was fed to you and get the heck rid of it! Start feeding your soul with the truth and day by day it will become second nature for you to view life and the truth of situations rather than be stuck in your subconscious past of feeling worthless and fearful. You are the only one in control of this and you have the power to shift your thinking and ultimately change your life. You can do it!!! 

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