Mirror Mirror, What Do You See?


mirror 4


When you look in the mirror, are you satisfied with the person looking back? Are you happy with the person you are becoming? It is important you love that image in the mirror and the first step in loving that beautiful face is practicing good self care for yourself starting from within. It’s easy to care externally for yourself by showering and doing your hair, etc. However, what most people find the hardest (which is the key that is the most important) is caring internally for yourself.

This kind of self care includes…

  • Taking responsibility for yourself
  • Being emotionally honest and transparent
  • Being conscious of what is motivating you
  • Being humble, open and teachable
  • Accepting vulnerability
  • Validation and compassion for self
  • Asking curious questions to identify your motives
  • Challenging distorted thought and false beliefs and reframing them into truth

However, if you are not being emotionally honest with yourself you are brought into self neglect. Self neglect is denying oneself of nurturing, truth, vulnerability, validation and reality – which creates thoughts, feelings, and ultimately behaviors that are destructive. You can act out these behaviors through constant distractions of life or through trying to control every aspect of life. Don’t worry, we all are in a constant state of going in and out of distortion – however it is our responsibility to try our best to stay in the truth and be kind to ourselves to avoid going into self neglect.

Self care is the stable and constant path of replacing distorted thoughts and false beliefs with truth. It is the antidote to distorted thoughts and false beliefs because self care connects you with truth and reality. It creates connection with God, self and others.

Self love is the consistent outcome of being honest and responsive because when you don’t love yourself, you become dependent on others for things they can never give you – a sense of acceptance, worth, confidence and purpose. 

No one can ever “make you” be enough, worthy, valued or beautiful. YOU are ultimately responsible for everything going on within you – which means reconnecting with the truth that you are worthy, loved and divine. So start loving yourself more today and as the days go by, the easier it will become! Trust me! It will take work as your mind will want to go back to self neglect because it’s “easier” there….but once you train your brain to think in the truth, you will never want to go back to the way you used to live! Loving yourself is the first key to happiness and the only way you are able to genuinely give to others. I challenge you to reframe your thoughts by thinking of three TRUTHFUL positive thoughts anytime you are stuck thinking a negative thought about yourself.

I hope this helps y’all understand the concept of self love a little more. Never doubt yourself, you are incredible in every single way – no matter what anyone says because we all have the same infinite worth at the end of the day.



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