Less Really is More 

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Sometimes we can be SO focused on accessorizing we end up overdoing it! Something I have found is that less truly is more in terms of fashion! It can be hard to know where your eye to even go when you are covered head to toe in accessories – don’t get me wrong, I love to pair myself with some good ensembles and you even can wear a necklace, bracelet, & earrings at the same time, it’s just all in the way you do it!

First off, choose one piece that will be your “statement” piece. This may be big earrings or a chunky necklace – whatever you feel best goes with your outfit!

Next, if you still feel like you want to wear more, make the remaining pieces simple. For example, if you were to wear statement earrings, pick a necklace that is small and doesn’t have a lot going on; same applies to bracelets and any other accessory you desire to add on top of your “statement” piece.

If possible, try and match the color tone of your statement piece to your shoes. Let’s say you were wearing a pink dress with a big gold statement necklace – match with your shoes by incorporating the same brown/gold color family to tie it all together!

All in all, people should be able to see YOU and not be so distracted with so much going on that it becomes overwhelming. Using the one “statement” piece and small remaining pieces will make certain you look fashion forward in a clean & classy way!

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