Escaping The Noise

What does your escape look like? Is it going to a quiet spot and journaling? Maybe meditating for five minutes? In order to be able to truly connect with yourself you need to be able to create a connectable environment.

It can be uncomfortable to be still at times and often takes lots of practice until it feels somewhat normal…but if you keep at it, even just five minutes a day of stillness will lead you to a clearer mind and an open connection to yourself and others.


Some ways in which you can practice this stillness:

Guided Meditations: There are lots of great apps that will walk you through meditations – my favorite is the “Calm” app! This contains podcasts and meditations for any setting or topic you desire!

Become the Observer: Close your eyes and simply observe how your body is feeling. Start from your toes working all the way up to your head including as many details as possible.

Simply Breath: Focus on your breath by

-Breathing in for 4 seconds

-Holding for 7 seconds

-Exhaling for 8 seconds

Finding a quiet spot and connecting through some form of meditation every day can do a variety of things for your overall health as well including:

  1. Decreases inflammation in the body
  2. Improves immune function
  3. Increase longevity & reduce cellular stress
  4. Less anxiety
  5. Improves mood
  6. Better focus & attention
  7. Less cognitive decline
  8. More stable blood pressure
  9. Lower stress levels

I challenge you to spend at least five minutes every day this week finding your escape from the world. This stillness will lead you to feel a deeper connection with yourself and in return, others as well!

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