A Human Need 


Validation is a human necessity in life in order to survive. All of us need it just as much as we need air to breath. We can seek this validation from friends, family and even acquaintances; however, you should not rely on these sources to tell you that you are good enough. Rather, it is crucial you take the time each day to give yourself validation. Why? Because at the end of the day YOU are the one responsible for loving yourself – no one else. While others can help uplift you, they can’t get inside your body and love yourself for you. Just as they can’t eat, drink or exercise for you – the same stands true with self-love.

When you feel validated, you are able to give more freely to others and in return validate those around you. Some may say “I feel uncomfortable when I give or others give compliments to me.” This is a sign of containing distorted thoughts and beliefs about yourself. This is common for a lot of people and if this is you, don’t stress just try practicing getting more comfortable believing the qualities you say or others say about yourself to be true.

When you are able to feel validated you will begin to not take certain circumstances so personally. I know I have struggled with this as I tend to take situations different than they really are because I am stuck in my pride. I can take things personal when they actually have nothing to do with me at all. The only way to get out of this pride cycle, is by stating in the truth. The main source of truth comes from validation affirmations. For example, suppose someone tells you that you have no future and it’s a shame you’re so old and not married; first off, it’s hard to see in the moment but anyone who says that is in complete shame of themselves and bouncing it onto you. It is important to stay in the truth and validate yourself, even if this means repeating in your head “I am a daughter of God and have infinite worth” 100 times, seriously! It takes a ton of practice and you will most likely feel like you’re going in and out of truth for a while, but I promise if you keep working at it it will soon feel like second nature.

I challenge you to write a list of things you love (or hope to) love about yourself by the end of the day. I find it helpful to write it on your phone or take a picture of it so you can refer back to it throughout the day. When you find yourself struggling or taking something personal or even if you need a little pick me up because hey we all need validation – read this list and BELIEVE it! Every son and daughter of God came to this earth with infinite worth. Just because you have made mistakes or messed up does NOT take away your infinite worth. Your worth is steady and does not change no matter what you do. Sorry, you’re stuck with being amazing! 😉 YOU are enough in all that you do and I can tell you that but it’s up to you whether you believe it for yourself!  So work each day to install this principle of self-validation and I promise you it will become immensely worth it as you become the BEST version of YOU!

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