Waimea Falls

The Waimea Falls hike is ranked among some of the best Oahu hikes.  It is more like a pleasurable one mile stroll through lush botanical gardens that lead up to the grand waterfall. 

There’s a pretty good collection of plants at the Waimea Valley botanical gardens that includes native species, as well as plants found in different parts of the world. The botanical garden is considered the finest collection of Polynesian plants in the world. Visitors can also see other rare and endangered plants that are native to the Hawaiian Islands. In addition, Waimea Falls Park features presentations and workshops that perpetuate the rich culture of the Hawaiian people.

You do have to pay an entrance fee of about $15 per person since the grounds are now run by Waimea Valley Hi’ipaka, however the scenery leading up to the falls is worth it all. 

For history on the Falls, Waimea directly translates to “reddish water” in Hawaiian. Some even say that Waimea means “sacred spot.” This valley has held a huge significance to the people of the island. Ancient Hawaiians knew that the land was sacred – they often would have gatherings and other religious ceremonies in the Valley region.

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