Treat yo self. One of the best ways to give yourself validation is to do things for YOU! Just cuz. Even little things can help you boost your self-esteem and overall mood. And once you validate yourself, you are more freely able to give to others. You must be content with yourself first before you are truly able to authentically and whole heartedly love others without hidden motives or agendas.  I came up with a list of some free ideas you could do. I know life gets busy, but I challenge y’all to at least do one this week!



-For my readers: head to the library and bring or pick out a good book, sit down and relax

-Make your favorite treat or meal

-Go for a walk outside

-Watch your favorite show

-Give yourself five minutes of doing nothing but breathing

-Learn about something you’ve always been interested in

-Take a nap…this one goes out to all my college students 😉 take even 20 min to rest from the day

-Try out a new sport

-Give yourself a foot massage

-Study one of your favorite religion topics or books

-Set new goals for yourself this month

-Go to bed early. Like earlier than 12pm early.

Go ahead….treat yo self. You deserve it.


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