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It has always been a struggle for me to find makeup that provides coverage, but not too much while still enhancing my natural features. I found the company Maskcara a few months ago and am seriously in LOVE! Rather than caking on foundation and then putting on all the powder, contour and highlight; this line is simply just a cream base of highlight and contour blended together. Super simple and most importantly – incredibly fast! I spend about five minutes a day applying my face makeup, y’all I’m not kidding! You simply use one highlight tin ($14) one contour tin ($14) and a blush tin ($14) for those of you that wear it. My cheeks are naturally pink so I don’t usually wear the blush but totally your preference! Also, for those of you with oilier prone skin, the setting powder tin ($16) helps mattify your skin while setting the makeup so it lasts all day! If you buy four tins, you receive a super cute compact to keep them all in of your choice! The compacts are super stylish and the whole company is fresh and current.

How do I apply?

By following the guideline below, using a double ended brush (in which is also sold through Maskcara) in which you can apply the highlight to one side of the brush and contour/blush to the other side of the brush. Swipe the highlight, contour and blush onto skin following where the guide shows. Next, get a beauty blender damp (sold through Maskcara or if you already have a beauty blender, that works too) and tap it all over your face until it is all blended out! Lastly, grab the powder brush (sold through Maskcara) and apply the setting powder throughout your entire face.

How do I become color matched?

Simply send me a message or comment below with a no makeup selfie in direct sunlight!

How do I browse/buy?

before and after 1


before and after 2


before and after 4

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