Hollydays 12 Days of Christmas Countdown


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Join me with the Hollydays countdown calendar! 12 days of pure service and love leading right up to Christmas! I have created this list in a way in that almost all of them are free! I hope you are able to join us in this exciting Hollyday Countdown and really see how just 12 days of service can make such a huge difference in your life and the lives of others! 



Day 1: Learn a new recipe and make a meal or desert for someone in need. Write down the recipe on a card and drop it off with the food! For more of a mystery – DON’T write who it’s from – keep it a secret and sign it as “someone who is thankful for/loves you.”

Day 2: Write 10 reasons why you are grateful for someone and give it to them along with another card of 10 things you love about you and give that card to yourself! 😉

Day 3: Reach out to someone totally new who you wouldn’t normally talk to and ask them how they are doing/tell them you’re thinking of them!

Day 4: Clean for someone you live with (make a bed, unload dishwasher, etc)

Day 5: Call a family member (uncle, aunt, cousin, grandparent, etc) and tell them how much you love them!

Day 6: Smile at 3 random people who look like they could use cheering up

Day 7: Write a letter to someone and list their best qualities

Day 8:  Send a friend a video that has inspired you this holiday season (Bible video, Service video, etc.)

Day 9: Give 5 people a genuine compliment!

Day 10: Create a “love jar” for someone you love and put all the reasons you love them inside on small pieces of paper folded up (add a big red bow and write down qualities on red and green colored paper to add a little more holiday to it!)

Day 11: YOU decide! Offer your favorite service activity to someone you don’t know (open a door, pay for meal in front of you, etc.)

Day 12: Send one of your favorite scriptures or quotes to three people you think could need a friend this holiday season!

I’m so excited to start this countdown and encourage you to share your results with us! Merry Christmas – remember how incredible you are this Holiday season!

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