Zip Line Mexico



If you’re looking for a zip line adventure like no other, I’ve got you covered! The company “Puerto Vallarta Adventures” has a crazy fun excursion that includes zip lining, UTVs, waterslides, rappelling and more!

For all you zip liners out there, they even have what they call a rollercoaster zip line. It was honestly one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had and topped Disneyland by a landslide.

Not only are you seeing all the beautiful canopy trees along the way, you are reaching up to 30 meters while going through a series of ups and downs that increase speed and dip you as you’re just barley dodging trees.

Tired of zip lining mainstream? They also have an upside down zip line where you get to see the beautiful surroundings from a view like no other.

In addition, the tour even had a waterslide so big you had to wear a helmet and face covering. Half of the slide was inside and half was outside circling between trees; lets just say you will be cruising.

Near the end, there’s also an incredible waterfall you can rappel down from with some seriously gorgeous views. 

And I can’t forget to shoutout our tour guides who were all super helpful and probably some of the funniest people I’ve ever met.