Camel Safari



Our camel riding was one of my highlights on our latest trip! We went with the company “Cabo Adventures.” They started out taking photos of us by the camels which was fun to get some good close ups and then from there we were seated on the camels for our camel ride which was about 30 minutes.

For the majority the ride was on the beach so it was really sweet to have the ocean on one side and desert on the other.

After riding the camels, I thought the tour was over but we ended up doing a lot more activities. I will be blunt with y’all and say the other activities were definitely not as cool as the camel riding, but it was still fun to have something else included in the package.

We got to play with some farm animals including miniature horses, goats, and take pictures with some tropical birds.

We also interestingly enough, were taught how camel poop could be turned into paper and actually were able to help make the paper.

There was seven steps and we got to do all of them from smashing the poop to extorting the fiber, to molding (sounds gross but it was actually really cool in a gross way).

It was all sanitized and we never had to touch the camel poop which was relieving as well.

We then had a history lesson on the cocoa bean and were able to taste different beans/chocolate.

To top it all off, we had a big lunch fiesta overlooking the ocean where we had incredible mexican food and learned how to make corn tortillas from scratch.