Beauty from the Inside Out


While so many blogs focus on outer beauty only, this blog was created to help women come to truly cherish their whole being – from the inside out. This is done by maintaining balance throughout all aspects of your life. We should all be ourselves, but what is more important is being our BEST selves. Not for others, but simply for YOU! Why? Because no one can truly give you love for self – just as there is no person who is capable of drinking, eating or breathing for you, the same holds true for self love. Many people believe if others love them they will be able to love themselves. However, it doesn’t matter how many or few people love you, it won’t change the fact that you are still the one who needs to provide this love to yourself. This is done through physical care such as exercise, dieting, and beauty as well as emotional care such as self talk, religion, and staying in the truth of situations. This blog will address all of these needs while helping to discover and most importantly love the BEST YOU!